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Ho-How did I get a bad ending?! Is this really how it ends? I'm crying!

I'm somehow got the good ending from getting Alaric's bad ending and Loading the game at the end of Kieran's run. Whelp, at least I got it.

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/!\ SPOILER /!\


I called myself Edelyn and it said "That's clearly not my name..." LOL

I found this game the other day and I loved it. My first playthrough scared me a bit because I really didn't enjoy the bad ending, but then when I persued Kieran I just absolutely fell in love with the story. It felt a lot fuller with the extra plot and romance, and the character development made me wish all of the characters were real. Well, most of them, anyway. 

Also, irrelevant to the game, for the longest time I thought it was pronounced "el-deh-wiss" but then I actually read it and googled it and realized it's "ee-dull-wice" and I feel a little stupid for how long I went without knowing how to pronounce it xD

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Thanks for playing! Now that you know how to pursue his good ending, I hope you learn something from the game :)

And I'm really glad that the character development makes sense! And that you love the romance, because when I wrote the script, it's been too long since I've written anything haha.

.... actually, for years I also never knew I mispell "aluminum" too. You're not alone here :')

Once again, thank you for enjoying AER!

Hey there chocochino, this is an interesting game and I enjoyed it immensely!

The plot is great and the pieces fall into play at the right time. I enjoyed Kieran's route the most, probably because it seems as if it's the only romantic route and uncovers all the secrets. There seems to be glitches in the scene with Johann where the snow falls (which I know is hard to create, because I use renpy myself), and some typos, though it really didn't change the fact that I loved this game! I think the story is developed quite well- the character development too.

 There were a few funny dialogues where I laughed so hard... maybe I'll post them here. HAHAHAHA. 

This, for example. Idk if the magic is supposed to be chanted that way, but LOL this is hilarious.

... And this.

Anyway, the game is long and interesting enough to keep me playing through nights, so thank you for creating this game!

Thank you for playing AER! I do have to agree with you that Johann's romance aspect was too subtle (this was a submission for a college project, and I didn't want my lecturers to be disturbed with the teacher-student relationship) and the falling snow was so hard to code! Wish my team had more time to figure out how to make it work properly :( I'm also glad to know that the character and story development was going well ^_^

About the first screenshot ... it does seem awkward. But wizard's magic cannot contain any ambiguity, and a wizard has to be certain about what they are going to cast  (although less concrete than faerie's magic). If the wizard cannot determine what kind of dark blue they were expecting, the magic won't work. That's why I used this case to illustrate the complexity of magic casting.

And regarding to the second screenshot, I gotta admit that I regret writing story on a deadline. Sorry.

Once again, thanks for enjoying AER :D

First of all this was an amazing and incredibly interesting game due to its huge plot twists! I really enjoyed Johann and Kieran's routes because both of them are so sweet, but Alaric's route was pretty shocking. His change of character was so unexpected, and I really liked that turn of event. All in all, i think this is a wonderful game with a highly interesting storyline!

Thank you for playing AER! I'm glad that the twist in Alaric's route worked for you ^_^

(the only regret that I had was not increasing Alaric's cuteness. Maybe that way, more players will be trapped in his bad end :D:D)